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New to the app, so maybe I’m missing something here… but why aren’t there UNDO and REDO functions? The Back and Forward are not Undo and Redo. If you mess something up its nearly impossible to fix it. I’m struggling to understand why people are gushing about this beta product. Please help me out. Is UNDO REDO functionality in the roadmap? Or is the fact that these are all separate text documents a major issue for such functionality. If its never going to exist, fine, I’ll look elsewhere. Just trying to understand.

What I think people will answer is that you can press Ctrl-Z, but that doesn’t work most of the time and it never works it you are doing something complicated with an addon like Refactor.

What I might suggest is that Obsidian needs an inbetween database, and the database then writes to the text documents. That way the DB can easily be rolled back and rewrite the text docs.

Refactor isn’t a core plug-in.

That was one example, there are many other issues with Ctrl-Z not working. I’m not looking for an excuse, I want to know if UNDO REDO will be added at some point, or if there is a solution now that isn’t obvious. I’ve seen others complaining about this as well.

Undo and redo (CMD Z and CMD SHIFT Z) both work on macOS.


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One thing I do is keep my notes in a git repository. You can then create commits and roll back to any state when making complex changes with plugins.

Otherwise, I’m not aware of any text editing software that does have multiple-document spanning undo/redo. Do you have any examples? I know in Scrivener for example, undo/redo is local to a single document, and can’t undo things like merging or splitting documents.

Nice pun username, wish I thought of it.

Obsidian has File Recovery snapshots as a core plugin. Every 5 minutes for 7 days is the default if I recall.

There’s always the paid Sync option which also offers versioning.

Git is another option as well, there are guides on the web for this.

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Ok, thanks anyway. I was trying to do large imports and was running into issues I wanted to UNDO… which is apparently not a thing. I’ve switched to the slow, note by note approach. It is more fun this way.

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