Undo/redo in the Android app? [Feature]


[X] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v1.0.3

Is there a plan to add undo/redo to the Android app soon? Or is it there and I’m not seeing it?

We need an undo option in the filename field as well. I accidentally pasted the wrong thing over the original filename, and I couldn’t remember what the original filename was :joy::worried:.

(I guess I’m not using the app to edit my files, for now.)

At the bottom of the page in edit mode scroll the toolbar menu to the right until you see the left & right arrow keys [undo/redo].

If you have a bluetooth keyboard
ctrl+z | ctrl+y
If you don’t have a physical keyboard you can use the Hacker’s Keyboard as explained here.

You can also set Hotkeys for undo & redo[in case ctrl+z & ctrl+y aren’t to your liking]

There is no “undo” for file name changes that I know of.

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Customizing the toolbar:

Scroll the bottom toolbar all the way to the right
Click on Wrench & Screwdriver icon
Click on Mobile
… customize to your liking.

PS: There also is a plugin that enables multiple rows & making it visible all the time.

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