Undo Close Window

Use case or problem

I want to be able to reopen closed windows just like in a web browser (on firefox the shortcut is Ctrl + Shift + N).

Obsidian currently has an “Undo Close Tab” shortcut, but not an “Undo Close Window” shortcut.

Proposed solution

Provide a shortcut/option in command palette to “Undo Close Window” or “Reopen Last Closed Window” just like “Undo Close Tab” is an option.


Yes, this! I want to flip tables when I accidentally close an obsidian window. It’s like someone deleting your desk with everything on it when you are in the middle of a project with everything carefully laid out. And then it’s a bit of a panic if you start hitting Ctrl+Shift+T because it’s opening other closed tabs. This is confusing, since the expectation (from other applications like web browsers) is Ctrl+Shift+T restores either the last closed tab or the last closed window, depending which was the most recent action.

My current process to restore closed windows:

  • close obsidian
  • find my last filesystem snapshot
  • either outright replace .obsidian/workspace.json, or if needed use meld as a diff/merge tool to add back the deleted sections (depending how recent the snapshot was).

I assume since this is so cleanly managed in workspace.json that it would be easy for the app to have this functionality.

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Thank you! I just had this happen and was so distraught that I didn’t think to restore my most recent backup of “workspace.json” from 2 days ago. If anything changed in that particular complex window (with many carefully planned panes & stacks) in the last 2 days it was minor and definitely nearly as important as losing the whole window setup all together.

I agree that this is a very useful function and that as the ability to create more complex window arrangements grows so too does the degree of both this function’s importance & usefulness.

I realize I could save my workspace after every change in window layout, but that’s a lot of manual overhead and with Obsidian already doing an excellent job of remembering the current workspace it seems … I can’t find the words, a bit redundant maybe…

With Obsidian already having an “undo close tab” function, I was left with a somewhat unconscious assumption that it would be such a small step to extend that functionality to an entire window… and learned the hard way that it does not.