"undo close tab" not appearing in commands palette

Steps to reproduce

it’s quite an important command. why is it appearing in keys shortcuts but not in commands palette anymore. it was removed ?

It’s still there.

Moved to Help.

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it’s a bug I saw it briefly appear once. then no. I should precise that I have a shortcut on it

Well I see you have a shortcut on it too. and the same that me.

hurry to move bugs without checking on several people first

The command will only show up once you’ve closed at least one tab.


You’ve been here long enough to know that bug reports require following the template.

Ok my bad, I was confused and more confused after the answer. “it’s not a bug, it’s still there” when it was not. I was calling it out of context when the tab already reappeared. I should have a pause at first.

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