Undo breaking change: no space allowed in tags

Since the 1.4 update, which introduced properties, white spaces are no longer allowed in tags. White spaces were allowed in previous version.

For example, a tag which was previously “big data” has been split in two tags in the newest version: “big” and “data”.


Is it possible to reintroduce the possibility to use white spaces in tags? If possible, in a way that would repair tags which have been split.

I understand this may be impossible as the necessary tagging information may have been lost in the process. In that case, I would like to use this feature request to point out that the 1.4 update has introduced what I consider to be a pretty significant breaking change and it makes me a bit wary for the future.

You are confusing things. Tags were always required to NOT have spaces in them. This has always been clear in the docs.

There was a brief period of time during the beta period of properties where tags with spaces accidentally worked in some cases within properties/YAML but nowhere else.

Follow this https://forum.obsidian.md/t/a-request-and-proposal-for-multi-word-tags/1120

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I see, I was using YAML for my metadata which explain why I was able to add white spaces!

I’m reassured that this was in fact not a breaking change. Thanks for pointing that out.

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