Undo and Redo commands on MacOS do not respect remapped shortcuts

Steps to reproduce

In System Preferences → Keyboard Shortcuts → App Shortcuts, map Undo to Ctrl-/
Observe that in the Obsidian Edit menu, the new Undo shortcut is shown.
(optionally restart Obsidian)

In the body of a Note, type some text, delete it with DELETE key;

press the new shortcut [nothing happens];

press CMD-Z (which should not be working anymore after remapping): the Undo action is executed.

Expected result

Cmd-Z is no longer operative; Ctrl-/ executes Undo

Actual result

Remapping does not occur, the standard keyboard shortcut still operates (hardcoded?)


  • Operating system: MacOS 10.14.6 (18G8022)
  • Obsidian version:

Additional information

( analogously for Redo; tested with assigning to Shift-Ctrl-/ )

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Ok, I understand.
I consider this a feature request.

This is somewhat related to getting more integration with macOS Menu Bar items, support for these changes would come quote-unquote-with-actual-quotes-for-emphasis “for free”. Like the excellent “Paste as text” context menu option that isn’t available in the Edit menu which would make it more discoverable and allow for system remap (it is also not available in Hotkeys).

Yes, this is a second-order bug / missing feature: a broken expected behavior :slight_smile:

A more fully fledged feature request on this vector would be a packaged Emacs emulation mode. That would be civilized. But at least on the Mac this can all be managed with Karabiner-Elements. The missing remapping could just be noted in the documentation.

So instead I’d vote for key features such as editable, “seamless” transclusion.