Undesired overlap of UI elements in preview mode in ‟Sliding Panes (Andy Matuschak Mode) Plugin”

Edit: 2021-01-31 still valid, despite being moved to Bug graveyard.

Steps to reproduce

With one of opened panes in preview mode, press hotkey or palette command to ‟Search current file”

Expected result

Three dots might e.g. shift up, to remain available.

Also in edit mode it is fine: image

Actual result

In preview, three dots are covered by search field.

Edit: When using modified CSS snippet https://github.com/GuangluWu/obsidian-pisum with Andy Mode CSS removed, then the overlap is reversed. Icon is accessible but the first part of search string is hidden behind the icon.


  • Operating system: Windows 7
  • Obsidian version: 0.9.22
  • Andy mode version: 3.2.1

Additional information

P.S. / Off-topic: Not sure where to report / how to classify bugs/requests relevant to specific plugin in order not to pollute main thread for plugin and at the same time not to obscure ‟global” space on Obsidian forum. (and whether to explicitly mention the developer of the plugin by @)
Maybe aside tags and category, add third field ‟scope” which would allow to choose e.g.:

  • ‟Obsidian” (default)
  • ‟Forum”
  • ‟Sliding Panes (Andy Matuschak Mode) Plugin”
  • with the ability to check more options when relevant (like tags).

Feel free to move this section where appropriate. Or I can edit/split it when I receive actionable answer.

we don’t proved support for third party plugins. Contact the author of that plugin.