Understanding Obsidian Features - Tags

For those seasoned note takers out there, how should someone new to Obsidian and note taking beyond a pen and paper notebook think about tags with digital note taking? Is there a tweet storm, youtube video, or blog post you’ve found helpful for understanding tags?

How do you use tags in your workflow?


Tags seem to be a second-class citizen in Obsidian. The interface barely supports them, there’s no real feature-set for them (e.g. nested, tags with spaces, graph view)

As of right now, I’ve replaced most of the tagging I’ve done in other apps with back linking to empty pages.

At least then I get a graph view.


FYI JIRA also has a global tag name space and it works just fine.

I was using them as a todo or toread action item. Now I am using them for broader classifications in which i can lump a large amount of notes in for similar content. like ‘book’ or ‘selfimprovement’ etc…

Ask yourself “in what context would I like to find this again?” and add tags for that. It really is just a search for every note you have included that tag in.Nothing complicated about it and you can adapt it to your workflow.

Hopeful that additional capability will appear in regard to more complex filtering when doing a tag search - rumor is filtering/search upgrades may be coming…that would enhance my usage a lot. Not sure nesting would be that beneficial for me because I’m looking to keep my workflow as smooth as possible and thinking very hard about exactly how to tag doesn’t fit that bill (spent a lot of time in Evernote with a complicated tag system - never again).