Unchecking checkboxes daily or weekly?

Hello, I am a newbie to obsidian, but very impressed so far by the capabilities of the programm.

I thought about having a todo-list in Obsidian, that includes tasks that i have to do daily or weekly. Is there a way to have those tasks as checkboxes, that I can check once I finished the task this day, but that get once unchecked every night, so that i can see them as open tasks again the next day.

(Even couler would be if the state of the checkboxes before they get unchecked could be stored somewhere)

Thank you!

The use case you’re describing is usually accomplished using daily notes based upon a template. Then each day you open the daily notes, tick of whatever task you accomplished that day, and if you so want you could do weekly/monthly/… reviews and check how often or how many times you’ve done those tasks.

This could also be accomplished/extended using various habit trackers, of which you both find manual setups and plugins to help you do this. A lot of options exists.

To directly answer your question on unchecking checkboxes, there is a command, Toggle checkbox status, with default hotkey of Ctrl/Cmd L which changes the status of selected task(s).

This will however not retain the status of earlier states, so it would more be the use case of having a set of tasks related to going on a trip and you need to repeat those tasks for each trip, but don’t really care for the previous trip. You could then have this set of tasks in a file, do them as needed, and when the next trip occurs you could rinse-and-repeat.

It’s also useful for checking/unchecking using the keyboard, when you’re editing away on your notes and have a task to complete/reset.

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