Uncaught Exception

Steps to reproduce

Use obsidian behind an http proxy.
Open obsidian and use it normally.
Cut the network connection and reenable it.
Obsidian will show the js erro but continue to work somewhat.
The error cannot be closed. If closed it will pop up again immediately.

Did you follow the troubleshooting guide? [Y/N]

does not help

Expected result

No error?

Actual result

Error message that cannot be closed.


Ubuntu 22.04, Official App Image up to date.
Corporate environment, HTTPS Proxy which will not allow all programms to make internet connections as it is not configured for every application such as obsidian.

Additional information

A markdown editor should not require an internet connection. If a socket error occurs I would expect it to just stop trying to connect and properly handle the exception…


Does it happen in the sandbox vault?

That trace stack doesn’t seem related to network problems.

Where is your vault stored?