Unable to Zoom In on Images Inserted in dataview Table

What I’m trying to do

Hello, as a beginner in Obsidian customization, I’ve gathered my reading notes into a table using the dataview feature.

I’ve created a cover_url field in the notes and inputted image insertion sources. Then, I used the cover_url field in dataview to display the images in the table.

However, clicking on the images doesn’t enlarge them. Is there a way to enable zooming?

(reference images)

  1. dataview table

  2. note used on dataview

(dataview code)

TABLE without id
    EmbededCoverImg as "cover img",
    file.link as "title",
    author as "author", 
    category as "category",
    dateformat(waiting_date, "DD") as "date",
    location as "location"
FROM #readingnote
WHERE status = "🟧" and !contains(file.path, "Templates")
FLATTEN choice(typeof(cover_url)="link",
                cover_url, this.file.link
    ).path, "30")), "![anyName|30](" + cover_url + ")") AS EmbededCoverImg
SORT start_read_date desc