Unable to write math expressions within bussproofs enviroment

What I’m trying to do

I am trying to write some proof trees using bussproofs, however within the bussproofs enviroment I can’t seem to write in LaTeX. As an example, I can’t write

\BinaryInfC{\varphi \wedge \psi}

but it of course works fine if I write regular plaintext within the curly brackets.

Things I have tried

I have searched documentation and forums but found very little in general. I believe it might be the case that you can’t actually write math expressions within the bussproofs enviroment (I really hope I am wrong) since normally you would have to surround the expression you want in there with $-signs, but this screws things up in obsidian.

I seem to have found a workaround where if you write your LaTeX within double $-signs you can write expressions within single $-signs inside the bussproof enviroment and it will render correctly.

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