Unable to view full note in obsidian

I am unable to see my note in full (under edit mode), but I can view the note under read mode. See the following images

See the tiny scroll bar to the left of my calendar.
It’s as though something is taking up space at the bottom.

In read mode, I can read the note perfectly fine.

Things I have tried

  1. Update themes, and change to default themes
  2. Restart obsidian a few times

Please help, thanks!

What about testing with plugins off. Make sure your plugins are updated.

Make sure your Obsidian installer isn’t too old. If it is, try to download from the website and reinstall.

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Thank you, yes it was the plugins! I thought i had it all updated, but when I sign out of icloud, the settings took awhile to sync back, and I had to reupdate the plugins. Thank a lot!

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Next time, if something is acting strange, have a peek at the debug help page:

Not everything, of course, but many issues can be sorted following these steps.

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