Unable to use commands inside Canvas

Hi everyone, i am trying out the Canvas feature and i encountered a problem that i find a bit annoying, which is the inability to use most commands inside of the canvas.
For example i can’t use the underline command (to underline the text) neither with the Ctrl+U shortcut and neither from the command panel (Ctrl+P). I have also different commands that i usually use on the text on my notes, which essentially paste html tags, like the underline command does. And these don’t work either, the only one that works is the one for the bold text (Ctrl+B). Am i missing something?

There’s no underline command in vanilla Obsidian. If a community plugin is adding that option, it may not be active when using the Canvas.

You could try GitHub - manic/obsidian-wrap-with-shortcuts: Wrap selected text in custom tags with shortcuts. to see if that works in the Canvas.

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It works, thank you!