Unable to Upload Images

Things I have tried

  1. I reset my computer and uninstalled then reinstalled the Obsidian app
  2. I tried using the image icon in the toolbar to upload an image but it didn’t work
  3. I tried dragging an image from my computer into my Obsidian file but it didn’t work
  4. I tried copying an image from my computer and pasting it into Obsidian but it didn’t work
  5. I tried .png and .jpg files

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to upload pictures into a file (note). I was able to do it but then, when deleting a vault, inadvertently deleted my computer download folder. That’s why I reset my computer and uninstalled/reinstalled Obsidian. Before resetting, I was able to upload images. I am not able to now.

When I paste a file with a bunch of images, some of them do copy into the note, but not all of them. I was having the same issue before but I was able to add them in manually. I can’t do that now.

I looked at the Obsidian help files and also did a search here but didn’t see anything addressing this issue, thus posting.

I am wondering if there’s a solution and appreciate any help.

Thank you :)!

This issue resolved itself. From what I can tell it was an issue with my computer needing an update after resetting.