Unable to sync PDFs or Images to mobile with Obsidian Sync

Steps to reproduce

  1. Setup Obsidian Sync on Mac and iphone
  2. Files sync correctly
  3. Add PDF from Mac into Obsidian
  4. Open iPhone and let it sync
  5. Sync shows “downloading … .pdf” then “disconnected … pdf”
  6. number 5 keep repeating

Expected result

Expected to see PDF file synced to iPhone

Actual result

PDF files not synced to iPhone


  • Operating system: macOs 11.4 and iOS12.5
  • Obsidian version: v0.12.10

Additional information

I tried resetting mobile vault and try different PDFs and it doesnt work

can you post a screenshot of the sync logs?

do you use ios 15 beta?

Oh yes my iPad is on iOS beta

yeah, the problem is iOS beta. It has a bug, Apple is aware of it and will deploy a fix in one of the next betas.

Files bigger than 1MB won’t sync.

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