Unable to reorder groups in Graph View (Android)

What I’m trying to do

I use graph view to organise my notes via color-coding. To that end, I sometimes rearrange my group order which changes the priority with which the color coding is applied. This is usually done on computer, however the sync of these graph view settings between devices over Obsidian Sync is extremely inconsistent.

As such, I want to manually reorder the groups on my phone, however this appears to be impossible.

Things I have tried

  • Pressing and dragging on the colour select icon, similar to how it is done on the conputer. The prompt to drag the colour to reorder appears, however the entire settings bar just scrolls uselessly up and down instead of reordering that particular group .

  • Using 2 fingers to drag, one to hold down the settings bar and the other to drag the group. Nothing happens, or the view starts zooming instead.

  • Trying to double tap the color icon for the group. This just opens the color selection palette.

  • Syncing via Obsidian Sync. Graph changes are often synced in the wrong direction (i.e. I make changes on the laptop, sync, then close. When I open graph view on the phone, Sync takes my old phone graph view settings and pushes them to the cloud.

I would also appreciate this feature be implemented on the Android app, preferably with a drag control handle but dragging the color selection would be fine as well.

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