Unable to rename new folder on Mobile Vers. 1.05 with on-Screen keyboard

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create a new folder.

  2. Tap on the new folder to open the context menü.

  3. Tap “rename”.

Expected result

I expect to be able to rename the new folder.

Actual result

The on-screen keyboard is displayed for a short moment and disappears again immediately, so that no text input is possible.
Renaming already existing folders, on the other hand, works without problems.
When using an external keyboard, renaming also works flawlessly.


  • Operating system: iPadOS 15.3; Obsidian Mobile Vers. 1.05
  • Debug info: Not accessible on iPad with on-screen keyboard.

Additional information

Same issue with default theme and all external plug-ins deactivated.

Hmm. I did not have this issue on iPhone. I can test on an iPad later, but it is possible that this is already fixed in an upcoming build.

Hi @ryanjamurphy,
Thanks for your reply. Yes, please test on iPad. When I’m not at home, I have to rely on the on-screen keyboard. It would therefore be good if the error is known and possibly already fixed in an Insider built.

This is with Obsidian 1.3.1 (67) on iPadOS 15.7 using the on-screen keyboard.

I found the bug to be reproducible only when the list of the File Explorer is longer than the height of the screen. For reproduction of the behaviour described here it is necessary that the File Explorer list can be shortened by collapsing folders, such that it does fit on-screen. Here is what I am observing in this case:

  1. Tap the New Folder button. The keyboard shows up for a moment and disappears directly after. The Folder carries the name “Untitled” and is displayed with a thin violet border, like when editing the name. However, there is no cursor line.

  2. Tap the new folder. The keyboard shows up again, directly disappearing after that.

  3. Hide the File Explorer by tapping outside of it in the text area of the currently opened Note. After this, drag in the File Explorer again by sweeping right on the Note’s editor. The new Folder will still be displayed with the violet border, and tapping it lets “blink in” th keyboard again for a moment.

  4. Maximise the File Explorer. The behaviour when tapping the new Folder still is the same.

  5. Collapse some of the Folders which already exist until the whole list fits on screen.

  6. Now, tapping the new Folder shows up the keyboard. It is now possible to drag the list up until the Folder is visible. The Entry carries a blinking cursor line, and the name can be edited as expected.

The behaviour is identical when starting out with the File Explorer maximised.

When the filesystem list does not fit on screen in landscape orientation, but at the same time is short enough to fit on screen in portrait orientation, the behaviour changes to the expected one as soon as the iPad is rotated by 90 degrees.

Side remark: It might be that step (4.) suffices as a work-around in case that the list is too long for the “pulled-in” Explorer but at the same time short enough for the maximised Explorer. I didn’t test this, but I expect it does not make much of a difference.

Notice that I cannot see a way to recover from the flawed behaviour (except maybe by a restart of the app) when there is no way to make the list fit on-screen. This might happen with a long list of Folders.

is this still happening?

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