Unable to rename folder or file in File Explorer on iOS

Things I have tried

Obsidian for iOS 1.3.0 (63) API 15.6

On iOS (iPhone 15.6) and iPadOS (15.6) I am unable to rename a folder or file. If I press and hold on a folder or file name in the File explorer, up comes a menu with available actions. All actions work as intended, except Rename. Pressing Rename appears to do nothing.

I assume that this should trigger a keyboard allowing me to overtype or edit the existing name, but nothing I have done will achieve this. I can rename a file by opening the file itself and renaming there, but I do not seem to have any way to rename a folder other than going to the synced version of the item on Mac or PC and doing it from there. Renaming on Mac or PC works with no issue.

I searched for ‘unable to rename file / folder in iOS’ in bugs, but did not see anything.

Advice on what I am missing or confirmation that this is likely to be a bug would be helpful.

What I’m trying to do

Rename a file or folder in File explorer on iOS.

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I’m seeing this, too, even in Restricted Mode with the default theme and no snippets.

You can rename a folder in Files on iOS. Unfortunately Obsidian Mobile lacks desktop’s “Open in system explorer” item, so you’ll have to navigate to it manually. Also I’m not sure if Obsidian will update links that depend on the folder name (if any) when you do it that way.

I added “in File Explorer” to the thread title.

I have the same issues in iOS. When I’m using my iPad, I can rename a file or folder only if I attach my keyboard, select the file or folder, tap on the trackpad using two fingers, and select Rename from the menu. I can then type over the file or folder’s name for a new name or use the arrows to edit the existing name.

So this looks like a bug. I will raise a bug report.

Thanks for confirming.

Thanks for sharing your experience of this.

That’s going to be fixed in the next release.


Great, thanks for updating.

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