Unable to paste Sass

Steps to reproduce

Look at the screenshot below.

Expected result

The paste should work, but for Sass blocks, the performance is abnormal.

I can’t believe this is because Sass doesn’t support this form of writing, and it was deleted automatically.

Actual result

When you move, the pasted content disappears, and you can see that the browse view does not show the content.


  • Operating system: Window 11
  • Debug info: Not to find

Additional information


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attach a copy of md files with the problem

I made some more attempts, and found that there is a certain error correction ability, which is for Sass.

test.md (70 Bytes)

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After intentionally entering some unreasonable notation, after a certain extent, it will not be shown, and will be backoff operation.

It’s odd, though, that Obsidian isn’t a development tool, at least, without the need to check the syntax of my code.


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Thank you for creating this bug report. I have the same issue. I write a lot in SASS while working, writing work journal and my knowledge base. It’s very annoying that my code is constantly being deleted and I can’t use syntax highlight.

Maybe there is any chance to fix it