Unable to open Weekly notes (hotkey)

Things I have tried

What I’m trying to do

Part A

When I press ‘shift+alt+d’ —> if no daily notes is exits, new daily note is created based on template settings. else if daily notes exists, it simply opens the daily notes.

Part B

here is the problem, same is not happening for weekly notes.

so lets take on at a time.

1. ‘shift+alt+w’–> if (there is no weekly note exists), {it asks me if i want to create new one}

. else
{ again it asks me the same and if i click on create it says unable to create new file}

2. now using periodic notes plugin im expecting similar function as daily notes. as you can see i have configured hotkey for that. its ‘shift+alt+b’

‘shift+alt+b’ → if (weekly notes does not exists) {create new weekly file}
else { unable to create new file}

kindly help me.

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Can you show your plugin settings? Maybe it is an invalid template, or a typo in your location path?

kindly notice this–> i can create weekly note but not open if already exists

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I have the same problem as Veeresh. Since I changed the syntax for the weekly note names, clicking on the calendar can successfully create a new weekly note if one doesn’t exist for the week number you clicked on, but it can’t direct you to the note if it already exists. Instead, it erroneously tells you that a note doesn’t exist (it does) and complains of an error if you try to create it again.

I’ve customised my week notes to have the format gggg-[Q]Q-[W]ww. So they look like 2022-Q1-W09.

Both the week note template and the Note Folder appear to be fine.

I just quickly tested the plugin Periodic Notes, and I have the same problem.

I even tested without any [Q] or \Q syntax. Just gggg-Q-ww and it also failed to open the note. It created it in the first place.

And it seems to be an open issue: Weekly Motes - Unable to create a new file. · Issue #94 · liamcain/obsidian-periodic-notes · GitHub

And a similar issue with a potential workaround: "Unable to create file" error when using ISO week "gggg-[W]WW" · Issue #79 · liamcain/obsidian-periodic-notes · GitHub

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