Unable to open external links from preview mode

Steps to reproduce

  1. Add external website link in preview mode, e.g.:

Mr. Biden’s choice as national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, wrote on Twitter on Monday that the new administration…

  1. Switch to preview mode
  2. Click or control click external link

Expected result

External link opens in web browser.

Actual result

No response at all


  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Obsidian version: 0.10.2

I can’t reproduce. Did you disable third party plugins and custom css?

Yes, I tried using the example in the default Help vault, it was still unable to open in an external browser.

is you external browser set up correctly in your os?

Good tip - it appears to be a problem with Twitter links specifically, with others opening correctly. I think this has to do with my OS trying to open using a Twitter app that I don’t have installed.

This can be closed.

I have the Twitter installed and it still would not do anything?.. I’m afraid this may be a true bug