Unable to load vault on Android

Obsidian on both of my two Android phones suddenly stop being able to load my vault at the same time. The loading screen still runs, but then the app crashes. I have turn on safe mode in my laptop to avoid any plugin conflicts, but it has no use. Do you know what may be happening? I sync them with Syncthing.

  • Laptop: v0.14.15, Windows 11
  • Phones: v1.2.2, Android 5.1.1 and 7.1.1

Copy @Craftidore’s reply from Discord

Recreate your vault/.obsidian/plugins folder but don’t put anything in it. Open Obsidian. Does it work?

Presuming it does, move one plugin from the old folder back into the new plugins folder you created. Open Obsidian. Does it work?
Repeat that previous step until Obsidian stops working or all your plugins are back in the folder.

If Obsidian stops working, note the plugin, then delete the folder and stop using it. Create a test vault later and see if you can recreate the issue. If you can, create an issue for the plugin on github with the bug report info.

I don’t know why that would work if Safe Mode was on. I presumed you couldn’t turn Safe Mode on because you couldn’t get your vault to open. I’d probably turn safe mode off before executing the steps above.

I’m pretty sure the ‘Safe Mode’ setting isn’t stored in the .obsidian folder of the vault, but rather the config folder for Obsidian in it’s entirety (i.e. ~/.config/obsidian on linux and somewhere in %AppData% on Windows).

As such, turning Safe Mode on on your laptop wouldn’t have changed the Safe Mode status of your 2 android phones.

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