Unable to load Excalidraw

Currently using the latest version of Obsidian Mobile.

Things I have tried

I am trying to load excalidraw as a plugin into my vault, but it keeps giving the error “failed to load plugin”. Other plugins install and load fine. I have tried to uninstall the plugin and reinstall, and have uninstalled obsidian and reinstalled it with no fix.

I am having the same issue but I’m afraid to uninstall the plugin or Obsidian for fear of losing my files. From Mooseyy’s post, I assume that is not the case. I am not a programmer.

Update. The uninstall/reinstall worked to restore Excalidraw and Excalibrain and my files are fine.

Files won’t be affected. Fixed it for me then too, but getting the same issue today and uninstall/install isn’t working.

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