Unable to link a heading once it is indented

Things I have tried

Hi everyone, I pretty often use internal links in my notes (sometimes to a heading/section already in the note or to another note, etc) but I’ve recently started indenting some of my headings with the same or lower heading number (eg indenting h5 under h4 or an h4 under another h4); however now I cannot link those indented headings using the typical backlink format [[#heading|displaytext].

It simply does not show up as a heading when indented.

What I’m trying to do

I would like to link those headings that are in the indent just as one would link those not indented.

Any help would be super appreciated. Thanks

Double-check the CommonMark spec for how much you can indent a heading and still have it be considered a heading, rather than paragraph content or code or something?
You can use the core plugin “Outline” and the command to view the outline to see which headings Obsidian recognizes.

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