Unable to find the Obsidian.css


Hi, i am new to Obsidian and would like edit the current theme of obsidian.
But i am unable to find the obisidian.css in the vault folder.
Please help

obsidian.css in the vault folder was an early concept. It’s now usually switched off in the settings, since we have switchable themes, which get stored in the (usually hidden) folder .obsidian/themes.

Warning: Always make a copy of the theme CSS you want to edit, and give it another name. Your changes might otherwise be overwritten when you update a theme.

Your newly named theme will be available in the settings under the new name. For some changes, you must restart Obsidian so that they become effective.

Adding to that: if you want to modify the default theme, you can create a .css file containing the edits and copy that into the /.snippets folder.
(I know nothing about CSS so please double check the above)

So, if i change add some css file eg.custom.css to sippers, it will be applied to main theme automatically?

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