Unable to drag and drop images from macOS finder

Kapture 2021-12-18 at 07.51.21

I’ve been using the insider build for only a few days. And I just noticed that drag and drop from Finder doesn’t work in macOS.

As you see from the GIF, I am attemping to drag from (the temporary post-capture)Floating image and from the anywhere in the finder.

Steps to reproduce

  1. In Live-View mode, Screencapture something with (Command+Shift+4). Then try to drag and drop the temporary floating image on the lower right.
  2. In Live-View mode, Screencapture something with (Command+Shift+4). Wait till it gets saved the desktop. Drag and drop.


  • Operating system: macOS v12.1
  • Obsidian version: Obsidian v0.13.12
  1. What is your Obsidian installer version, as well? If it’s an older installer, you might want to try downloading the latest installer from the Obsidian website. There are some components of the editor which cannot auto-update.

  2. Have you tested this in the Help Vault, or by turning off community plugins in your own vault?

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Thank you so much @rigmarole! :+1:
My installer version was 0.12.5 and downloading the latest version 0.12.19 fixed the issue.

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@rigmarole So sorry. I celebrated too early. But I found the exact steps to reproduce the bug.

  1. Started Obsidian v0.13.12 (v0.12.19 installer version) with nothing but Excalidraw loaded. (Default theme and no extra CSS snippets)
  2. Opened a regular Obsidian note. Drag and drop work perfectly fine.
  3. Then, when I open an Excalidraw drawing, drag and drop stops working for regular Obsidian notes.

I wonder if this bug is triggered by Obsidian or Excalidraw or both? If it is coming from Excalidraw, would you please tell me how I shall go about reaching out to the Excalidraw dev?

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Oh dang. Good work tracking it down though.

Every plugin has a link to the Github repo in the info section of the plugin. Excalidraw is here: GitHub - zsviczian/obsidian-excalidraw-plugin: A plugin to edit and view Excalidraw drawings in Obsidian

I won’t move this back to bugs, since the devs can’t take bug reports about community plugins. But I’ll move it back to Help for the moment.

And if you figure out it isn’t Excalidraw after all, please do report back.

I ran into the same issue. The Excalidraw plugin author is aware of the problem and will be pushing a fix soon. See github issue: Cannot Drag and Drop Images · Issue #304 · zsviczian/obsidian-excalidraw-plugin · GitHub

In the meantime, disabling the plugin and restarting Obsidian will allow drag-n-drop to work. Hope that helps!


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