Unable to copy from vault

I have two vaults. I can copy from one, and the content is copied to clipboard. But the other does not copy at all - I need to open the md file in Notepad++ to copy the content.

The hotkey Ctrl+C doesn’t copy the text to clipboard as expected, but when I right click and click copy it does.

Any ideas why this would be?


Update: Issue resolved. I had my Ctrl+C assigned as a hotkey. Noob error - thanks @GreenChocho!

Maybe checking if you set ctrl+c as other function in setting=>hotkey?

Actually, it was set to “Show in System Explorer”, I must have assigned it accidently before.

However, closed the vault, reopened - still not working.

did you click this button?

And the hotkeys show Blank?

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Do you have vim mode enabled?

No I don’t - I’ve been meaning to check what vim mode is but have not got there yet.

I didn’t clear it properly. I checked and it was still set to Ctrl+C.

Thank you for your patience. :smile:

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