Unable to connect to the server

What I’m trying to do

My ipad needs to connect to the (Obsidian?) server in order to sync. Looking at the change log on my ipad, I see that Did not respond to login request: {“res”, “msg”, : vault not found"

Do I need to make some change something on my modem or router?

Things I have tried

The literature says that the vault could have been disconnected, but it is connect for another iPad and on my M1 computer. I have not cancelled my account and I have been using Obsidan on the above machines.

vault not found

I have no idea of what I am supposed to do to solve the problem.

The vault connection problem is a local issue — what’s happening on other devices doesn’t matter, you need to check on the device that’s having the problem. In Settings > Sync, does the top item named Remote Vault say you’re connected to a remote vault?

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