Unable to Change Editor Font of Themes Even With Custom CSS

Hi all,

I’m looking for a way to change the editor font for the Minimal theme. I have not had issues before with this, until I moved to a new system. I am able to set the reader font, code-view font, etc. but no matter what I try, I cannot change the editor font, even though I specify it where I had it before. This was the settings for the Minimal theme, where it states if you put your font in here, it overrides the default one. And also, with some custom CSS to override the editor font, which also fails. Ironically enough, the custom CSS works fine when changing read/preview mode font. I’m stuck with changing the editor and it’s driving me a bit nutty. And it doesn’t appear to be a Minimal theme specific issue, as I can’t change the editor font with any theme that I have.

Looking for guidance and sanity.


I manually patched in the Minimal.css where it does some forced overriding. Does anyone know if this is intended and is there a more sane way to change the editor font?

A new change in core Obsidian made it so that editor fonts are changed on the Appearance main menu.

It looks like I can only change both the editor and reader fonts at the same time. Using the legacy editor allows me to use a different font though. Is there a way around this?

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