Unable to access button on Iphone in edit mode

Steps to reproduce

Open a note in Obidian for Iphone and start edit. Your keyboard appears, making the ribbon button inaccessible. This is problematic for the voice recording core plugin since you need to be in edit mode to start/stop the recording.

Expected result

Be able to click the Ribbon or hide your keyboard.

Actual result

Keyboard blocks ribbon button


  • Operating system:

iOS 16.2
Iphone SE2
Obsidian 1.4.1

Additional information

related (closed) topic: [bug] Unable to see the ribbon in iPhone 13 (IOS) - #3 by Pingouino

I can’t reproduce. The keyboard stays hidden for me during recordings using the ribbon command.

Have your tried in restricted mode with no snippets?

An option is to add start and stop to your mobile toolbar. Settings > Options > Mobile → scroll to the bottom → add “Start recording audio” and “Stop recording audio” to your mobile toolbar as a global command and move them to the top(front) of the command list.

More broadly, you can use the hide keyboard button on the edit toolbar, that will show the other bar again.

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