UI bug on password-protected Publish website (on mobile) : interface is cropped

Hi :wave:

I have a password-protected Publish site, with default settings and no custom CSS on, and here is what I get when I try to access it on mobile (iOS).

It is in Arc browser, but the UI is exactly the same on Safari (or in the mobile view inspector on any browser). I haven’t zoomed in or reframed anything, the content is offset like this by default and it makes in impossible to interact with the password field (at least in my case, to paste a password from a password manager; typing in the field is fine).

Many thanks in advance for troubleshooting!


Steps to reproduce

  1. Open a password-protected Publish website on mobile.
  2. Watch

Did you follow the troubleshooting guide? [Y/N]


Expected result

A not cropped interface.

Actual result

See screenshots.



Additional information

what’s your website? I thought we fixed this recently.

Sorry I missed your reply. It’s hosted on notes.jnp.cool (or publish.obsidian.md/jnp). I’ve just tested again and it doesn’t seem fixed on my side. Thanks for the follow-up!