UEGENT PLS HELP: obsidian deleted all my notes in my phone

Obsidian on my phone automatically deleted all the content in a file, only the file name has remained all the content in it has gone. There is also a duplicate file with same name but in there also all the content has gone missing.

Please please someone help me i will lose all my lifetime worth of work.

I am really scared since the one that got deleted was really really important, i trusted obsidian for my notes but its all gone.

I only have obsidian on mobile and there was no data backup

What I’m trying to do

Take notes as usual on the mobile version of obsidian.

Things I have tried

Cleared cache
Reinstalled obsidian phone
Checked the file manager but the file size of the file is 0 kb.


You could try the File recovery plugin (Settings > Core plugins -> File recovery), but I’m worried that clearing the cache or reinstalling may have removed the older snapshots.

If you’re on iOS and your vault wasn’t in iCloud, I believe uninstalling would delete it. In that case it may be recoverable from an iCloud device backup, tho I don’t know if it’s possible to pull single files out of those or if they’re just for restoring everything. If your vault was in iCloud, I believe you should be able to recover the file(s) by logging into iCloud on the web. On Android I’m not sure.

I know you adore only using Obsidian on mobile, but the deletions and the existence of a duplicate file sound like possible sync problems — are you using any kind of sync? Is the vault stored in a folder that might be synced by default without your doing anything? If so, the sync system may have some kind of file recovery.

You may find it helpful to search the forum for other posts about similar situations (there are definitely such posts).

Whatever happens, you’ve now learned the hard way why backups are so important (my sympathies!). Here are some links to help you start backing up so it doesn’t happen again:

Links about online backups: http://www.worldbackupday.com/

Sync isn’t backup, but sometimes sync systems include limited file recovery, and if you sync to a desktop computer you can easily add a local backup too: https://web.archive.org/web/20200101015933/http://www.worldbackupday.com/en/

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Thankyou soo much it worked


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