Typing overwrites characters rather than inserting new ones

This only seems to be an issue when typing in a reduced pane.

Please follow the bug reports template, especially the Obsidian version number. What version are you working on?

Stupid question, too, but you haven’t hit Insert have you?

Also, bug report should use default css.
Make sure you don’t have some keyboard shortcut that trigger this behaviour.

Thanks both ! Folks on discord experienced similar issues and pointed me to an ‘Insert’ key. It took me a while to find it on my keyboard set-up but eventually I did: “Fn+E”


Something periodically causes overwrite mode to get turned on when I’m using Obsidian, and I have it figured out what it is. It’s not the INSERT key, I am using a tenkeyless but I’ve never used the editing keys & my fingers never go anywhere near them. It doesn’t happen in any other program.

Does OS X have some other key combo that can toggle overwrite?