Typinator - Text Expansions Problem

There is a problem with Obsidian and Text Expansion. If I insert a text expansion in between paragraphs, Obsidian editor “eats” words.

For example. If I insert November in the middle of this text:



The result is this: NovemberNovemberovember

I don’t know much about Typinator, but I had the same problem using Obsidian with another text expansion tool — aText. It seems that the general problem here is that the speed of emulated keystrokes is too high for Obsidian to keep up with. The general solution here could be to tell the text expansion tool to slow down the speed of emulated keystrokes.

From the Typinator manual:

The Enable quick expansion option allows Typinator to use an expansion technique that is very fast for short plain text items and avoids subtle compatibility issues with certain applications and third-party utilities. The quick expansion option is therefore the preferred choice and should be enabled when possible. If you encounter incorrect expansions in some applications, try turning the quick expansion option off. If this helps, please also contact [email protected] and tell us about the problem.

I disabled Quick Expansion in Typinator but the same problem still occurs. I sent an email to Ergonis.

I too am noticing similar issues with text expansions inserting incorrectly, in my case when using TextExpander on Mac. I can’t tell for certain, but it seems to happen mostly (or perhaps entirely) in Live Preview mode rather than in Source Mode.

Snippets that include spaces or insertion after a cursor repositioning sometimes insert in the wrong location. It happens only inside Obsidian, so I think it’s somehow related to the interaction between Obsidian & whatever text expansion apps we all happen to be using.

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