Typewriter Sounds

Plugin to allow typewriter sounds while typing. It doesn’t seem like a great add on for short notes, but when typing longer pieces it really helps you slip into writer mode.

If your wondering what that is like I suggest writemonkey, where I first used it.

I also found these websites to give an idea what it’s like.


Writemonkey switched to a database by default instead of plain text files. That change created to much friction for me to stay with it, even through it had the most comfortable writing interface I’ve used.

Obsidian has these amazing project/knowledge management tools and the editor is getting better.

WYSIWYG + Distraction free full screen + typewriter focus mode + typewriter sounds = WIN

The only one not in development is typewriter sounds.

Also writemonkey gave the option of numerous sets of typewriter sounds and some mechanical keyboard versions.


I agree. I find typewriter sounds excellent for longform writing.

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You could use the old version.
You could just open a file in the Obsidian vault. WriteMonkey will then keep it in sync with it’s own database. This gives you all the advantages of both.
The folding in WriteMonkey is much more sophisticated too.

I agree that it’s a bit fiddly to individually set every document to save as a separate file.

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The old version of writemonkey is broken on my system because of the way high dpi scaling works. I could still use V3 the way you described and I do go back to it sometimes. It has a bind to file feature for text files. I don’t really understand it. Like I said, creates friction in my mind. It’s not completely unworkable.

I’d rather use obsidian. If any plugin developer wanted an idea. I think this one would be great for my use case (writers).

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The way I see it is that
WM3 is a database, optionally with synchronised files
Obsidian is a set of files with a synchronised database.

WM3 is purpose designed for writers and writing
Obsidian is a general purpose editor over a system of links which is especially good for research

There’s no problem with using both on the same files (they pick up external changes very quickly).

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I’ve also tried out Mechvibes for typing sounds. I find it works quite well, and it’s not bound to a particular writing program.