Typewriter Scroll plugin

Things I have tried

  • disabling and re-enabling plugin
  • deleting and reinstalling plugin
  • disabling all other plugins (core and community)

What I’m trying to do

  • turn off Toggle Typewriter Scrolling. Once switched on, active text centres to the middle of the screen nad there is a large margin at the top of the document.
  • however, when I switch this function Off, the top margin still remains. When switched Off, the top margin should disappear (I would have thought).
  • for information, the Zen Mode switches On and Off as expected.

I just installed the plugin to recreate your problem and I did.
When switching it off, the plugin still remains working.
When I reload or restart Obsidian the plugin is disabled completely.

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That’s correct: one needs to restart Obsidian to remove the top margin :slight_smile:

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