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Hello to the group.
New to Obsidian, there are of course many problems at first - I have already read and tried a lot.
My question: I have a lot of .txt files with old notes on my PC, which I would like to integrate into Obsidian. If I simply rename the .txt files to *.md files, the German umlauts are not displayed correctly.
Can someone help me here: How can I convert the hundreds of *.txt files into *.md files for use (not manually) …

You just rename them to .md like you already did. the Umlaute problem is most likely a problem with your encoding, not a problem with the filetype.

There’s also “txt as md” plugin.

Thanks for the tip about the “txt to md” plugin. But I just can’t find how to use it. I have installed and activated obsidian://show-plugin?id=txt-as-md-obsidian. But how do I continue to convert a txt file into an md file? Thank you!

No. It just enables you to view and edit txt files in Obsidian. You have to use shell script to rename your files.

And if the umlauts still don’t display correctly it demonstrates that it’s to do with the encoding or font not the file extension.

Yes, I had to find that out too. ChatGPT helped me :slight_smile:

There, in response to my query “How to correctly display German umlauts in md files?” came the answer: “Make sure that the Markdown file is saved in an UTF-8 encoding. UTF-8 enables the correct representation of umlauts and special characters. If the file was saved in a different encoding, this can cause problems. You can check and change the encoding of a text file in most text editors or code editors.”
And my txt files all had ANSI encoding.

Thanks for your help.

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