Two-way Obsidian-Zotero sync?

Here’s what I’m trying to do: I use the internal Zotero PDF reader to read PDFs and take notes. I highlight the PDF and then create one large Note in the righthand sidebar summarizing the article and my thoughts on it. I would like to (1) import those sidebar Notes with Obsidian, so that I can take advantage of the tags and search in Obsidian’s database; but then (2) also have the Obsidian version update with any changes that I make on the Zotero side and (ideally-I know this might be too much of a pipe dream) to have the Zotero note update with any changes that I make on the Obsidian side.

I have been able to do (1) using the Zotero Integration plugin, but I haven’t been able to achieve (2). Does anyone know if there is a way to do this using Zotero Integration? Or is there some other plugin I’m unaware of that can do this? (I also tried Obsidian-Zotero from AidenLX but I’ve been asking in the forums and I’m pretty sure this won’t achieve either (1) or (2).)

Any help greatly appreciated!

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This one possibly. Never got around to trying it.

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