Two problems in Editing mode

I have two questions in the Editing mode:

  1. It seems that the shortcut ctrl+c doesn’t work. Every time I have to use Right-click and select the copy button.
  2. Every time when I switch from reading mode to editing mode, I have to press the “Insert” button before I can do my editing.

Does anyone have the same problem? How to fix?

Hi @hqgu

Do you maybe have VIM mode enabled?

Settings | Editor | Vim Key bindings

I never used it in Obsidian but I remember from a long way back that it does copy/past (and a lot of other things) differently.

If that isn’t it can you open the “Help” vault

Open another Vault icon | Obsidian Help

or a sandbox vault

Open another Vault icon | Get Help “Help” button | Sandbox Vault “Open” button

and see if you have the same issues in that vault?

Thank you for your wise advice. It seems that you have the right answer.

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