Two fonts in one line

Is there a possibility to use two fonts in one headline (or in the standard text) ?

Since Obsidian necessarily also has an html, this should be possible, but probably only via html ?

What I’m trying to do

Things I have tried

You could use a span class for something like this. Personally, I would use this sparingly so as to not muck up my notes with too many span classes, but it would depend on what I’m working on…

In your note:

<span class='comic'>The word for “bunny” is also different in every language</span>

In a CSS snippet:

.comic {
  font-family: 'Comic Sans MS';
  line-height: 1.45em;

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first: Ik heb net het woord “konijnte” vertaald naar het Engels met behulp van de “deepl”. Het resultaat was “rabbit”.
Dit is ook het geval met mijn tekst hier.

Actually, I’m only interested in this one character: “~”. This has a wonderful form in the script “amiri”.
I use it for notes that still need to be edited, i.e. also to distinguish them from fleeting notes.

Unfortunately it doesn’t work, special characters like >< are not allowed in file names; I could have thought of that right away.

Hmm… have you considered using some unicode character instead? Like “⁓”, the “swung dash”. Since this is a unicode character it’s most likely allowed in a file name, and you can find loads of others interesting unicode characters. This particular variant I found in the unicode section of the link below since you mentioned the tilde in that font as interesting.

Note that once you find your characters you could insert using various methods depending on which platform you’re using obsidian on.

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Thanks to all.

Solution was another font with corresponding tilde.

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