Two-finger swipe on touchpad to go back/ go forward (on laptop)(navigation history)

Use case or problem & Proposed solution

On laptop computers’ touchpad,

  • Two-finger swipe right = go to last page
  • Two-finger swipe left = go to next page

are two very common navigation history gestures (across Mac and Windows)(open Edge or Safari to get a quick idea of what I mean). Also, The mobile version features this already. So why not add this to pc version? I think this would be most convenient and intuitive.

Current workaround (optional)

  • define hotkeys such as ALT + ←
  • click the botton

These are acceptable but an improvement would be great nonetheless.

Related feature requests (optional)

The closest thing I can find. A pretty much ignored old post.


Second this, this is just second nature for trackpad users and would make navigation on laptop so much faster.

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i would also like to see this functionality added on both windows and mac. would be amazing for trackpad users.

I too would support such a feature, as a trackpad user this feels like a missed opportunity.

Would love to see this feature!
I try to do this all the time and wonder why nothing is happening, because it is so deeply ingrained in MacOS usage :smiley:

Now that there’s the “stack tabs” function, I suppose this feature isn’t that important anymore.
(Try it out if you haven’t yet! It’s amazing. )

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