Tweets in Obsidian

I’ve been using obsidian more and more lately and have been wondering about a feature where you can retrieve your tweets from your account and have them in your daily notes.

What I imagine is part of your daily note template being a section with the heading Tweets and underneath in an unordered list your tweets being listed. This would be super helpful because some Ideas and thought aren’t worth it to become a full note and typing them into both twitter and Obsidian would become bothersome.

The closest thing I’ve found is the Notetweet plugin but the difference is that it requires you to tweet from obsidian instead of just retrieving them


I moved this to #plugins given that it’s more likely it gets implemented this way.

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I used to have IFTTT dump my tweets into Day One and I’d love to do that with a vault. There’s so many times where I’ve dug up an old tweet by looking at my local copy. IDK how that would work but I’d love it

cc: @Christian is this in scope for NoteTweet? I admit I would also find this useful.

I was actually considering a dashboard a while ago with analytics etc.

A local cache of tweets would be pretty cool. I can add it to my backlog :slight_smile:

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