Tutoring sought

I am an obsidian beginner. I would like to combine my knowledge management with flashcards. My attempt with obsidian_to_anki was unsuccessful. Who could help me get started with Obsidian via Zoom? I would also be happy to pay a fee. I live in Germany (CET).


I don’t know of any tutorers, but I’ll share with you an alternative to flashcards that I like to use in Obsidian. It’s very simple, but it works just the same.

When I have to memorize a set of information, I’ll make a file just for that set. Say I’ve been having trouble memorizing the answer to this question: What is the scientific name for the sand cat?.

I turn it into a checkbox.

- [ ] What is the scientific name for the sand cat?

I put the answer under it.

- [ ] What is the scientific name for the sand cat?
   - Felis margarita

And I do that with all the questions I can’t remember. Then, I collapse all of these checkboxes so that I can’t see the answer (If you hover over any checkbox with a sub-list, you will see a collapse icon appear to the left).

Then, with all the answers hidden, I go through my checklist.

Get a question right? Checkmark it. Done.

Can’t recall an answer? Uncollapse it to see the answer, collapse it again, move on.

And keep going through the list until all the answers are checked.

It’s a very effective method.

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