“Turn off safe mode”

Things I have tried

I notice that instructions for installing some community plug-ins say “go to settings > community plugins and turn off safe mode.”

I find “restricted mode” but not “safe mode.” Default for it is “off” not “on.” And when I turn it on searching for and installing plugins is deactivated.

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to install a plug-in that says “turn off safe mode.” I don’t understand what that means. Also how, once I’ve done that, to actually install the plug-in.

“Restricted mode” used to be called “Safe mode” and was on by default.

But when I turn restricted mode off browsing of plugins is deactivated. I have no access to the plug-in I want to install.

There should be a button that says Turn on if you have Restricted mode turned off.

I apologize. I misspoke. I should have said “when I turn “on” restricted mode. Again, when I do that browsing plug-ins is deactivated.

Please add a screenshot.

If the instructions say to turn it off, and you already find it off, then leave it off.

Restricted mode needs to be off to install community plugins.

It says right on the setting, “Turn on to disable community plugins.”

So leave it off.


What I see with restricted mode turned on. Below what the screen shot captured is a link to info about plug-in security and a button to turn restricted mode off:

Thanks. Makes straightforward sense.

However, as you know, I’m a newbie here. As such I’m not in a position to second-guess plug-in developers instructions. For all I know there’s a reason why you should disable community plug-ins when installing a plug-in.

It would be helpful to fools like me if plug-in developers stopped talking about “safe mode.”

If you follow the GitHub link on the plugin’s page and click Issues you can file a bug report about their outdated info.

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Thanks. Will do.

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