Turn off auto indent of bullet list in source mode

In v1.5.3, when I create a bullet list in the source mode of editing view, the dash - gets automatically indented. I use strict line breaker, so if I split sentences in the same bullet into multiple lines, I get an ugly misalignment between the lines. How should I fix this?

Here is a picture to show what I’m talking about:

the text in this picture is:

-   first line in bullet point, four characters before text  
    second line with also four spaces before text, but misaligned

also this feature doesn’t appear on mobile, so I guess it’s not theme-specific.

I guess this is now the default behavior in source mode.

There has been some fixing and shuffling around of things regarding indentation and lists in the last few early access builds (betas). When the next public release comes out, give it a try again.

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Thanks for the reply.

Indeed, I just updated to v1.5.8 and this issue is fixed.

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