Trying to understand what < > means / does

Things I have tried

I have tried searching for “<>” or “XML tags” or “HTML tags” but don’t find an answer to how Obsidian behaves when using custom tags inside < > brackets. I for example use it for things like < definition > xyz < /definition > and it highlights the keywords in purple, but what does it mean??

What I’m trying to do

I would use it e.g. to specify the link type like so: < semantic relationship > [[linked file]]

But that’s just an example.

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I am guessing Obsidian is interpreting whatever you put between angle brackets as HTML.

Iirc, Markdown is supposed to include any HTML in a document. So you can old something with <strong>text</strong> just as well as **text**.

If I’m right, then anything that is valid HTML — including <definition> ... </definition> — will style something in your note. Anything that isn’t recognized as HTML should probably be ignored.


CommonMark, as far as I know what Obsidian uses, also defines < and > to put links in, which is almost always better than to rely on implicit linking.

Example: <>

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