Trying to figure out what double-quotes do in Obsidian?

I’m trying to figure out what double quotes do in Obsidian and/or Markdown?
So the editor always gives me 2 double quotes when I type the first one, which suggests some default/intentional functionality, but I can’t tell what that might be. Is there any? To be as clear as possible, when I type this character: "
Obsidian gives me a second one, so the output is: “”
Which suggests that whatever I put in the double quotes means something. But it doesn’t really seem to unless I’m missing something. And it’s kind of annoying, because now I have to move my arrow key over and it slows my typing.
Thoughts? What am I missing?


Things I have tried

What I’m trying to do

Nothing specific. It is a setting in the Options menu under Editor called Auto pair brackets. It can be toggled on or off.

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Rather than using the arrow key to move passed the second double quote (or any of the paired options) you can simply type the character again as if it was not already in your document. You will still only end with one double quote at the end of your text. In other words, treat it as if only one double quote was created when you first hit the double quote.


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