Trying to eliminate some folders and having trouble moving the notes

What I’ve tried to do

I’ve tried the drag and drop method.

What I’m trying to do

I initially created some folders to try to organize my obsidian notes, but they are not working as I hoped. I am trying to move all my notes out of folders and into a general inbox, but I am having trouble moving some notes and I am not sure why.
I am not very technically savvy and I am relatively new to Obsidian. I welcome any thoughts or suggestions.

Hi JCBaysinger, are you on mobile / Mac / Windows / Linux / …? It should not not matter but might make it easier for folks to give specific suggestions.
Can you describe with a little more detail what is happening for the files that do not work? You drag them onto the new inbox folder and then… Do they move somewhere else? Stay where they were? …?
Good luck!

Great questions. I use both macos and ios. The note files don’t move. I can select them, but when I try to drop them elsewhere, they stay put. I hope that makes sense.

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