Trying to create simple flashcards

What I’m trying to do

I would like to have a system in place that just creates a flashcard using a note’s title as the front of the card, and the contents of the note as the back. I’m not even sure if this functionality is capable with a plugin

Things I have tried

I have tried using the plugins that create flashcards but I can’t find a way to incorporate the title of a note into the flashcard using these plugins

Your use case is very specific so I recommend using shell script that converts files in folder to one text file that you can use to create your cards. But you should avoid that if your notes doesn’t serve any other purpose than being cards. If you want to create cards effectively, just write them in text file and use that text file to import.

I love the spaced repetition plugin, but it doesn’t do what you describe. However, you could set up a template to do this. It wouod look something like:

Answer to your question.

With the default template plugin {{title}} autofills to the title of the note, so this template combined with the spaced repetition plugin would do what you ask.

The main downside regards updates: if you update the title of the note, you’ll also have to update the contents. But if you don’t update your card titles often then it shouldn’t be a big problem.

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Wow thank you this is working great, however, is there a way to hide the formatting for the flashcard when I’m in read mode?

Using this method I will have the flashcard formatting just sitting at the top of the note


Hm… I don’t know of a way to accomplish that, sorry! I tried a few different things, but I wasn’t able to find something that works with both Obsidian and the SR plugin. I’m sure there are clever ways you could do it, but I wasn’t able to find an easy way.

I offer a solution from the Obsidian Sandbox (via the Question Mark symbol near the bottom-left of Obsidian). In Formatting/Callout there’s something like:

[!FAQ]- Are callouts foldable?
Yes! In a foldable callout, the contents are hidden until it is expanded.

Click on the folded call-out, and the hidden text will appear. Each folded call-out is essentially a flashcard.

Perhaps you could then apply spaced repetition to the flashcards. Have multiple folders e.g. very hard (1 hour), hard (daily), medium (once per week), easy (once per month), very easy (basically never). Move the flashcard set into the appropriate bin after you’ve reviewed it, to revisit it after the appropriate interval.

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